Taking your ideas and expectations from Concept to Completion. We at iZen believe that every customer is unique and so are his requirements. In today's ever growing competing world iZen aims to be your digital advantage.

Website Development

Websites has been one of our strongest and longest running forte. We design and provide reliable web hosting. We also offer an organic way to optimize your websites, improving the probability of it appearing on the first page of Google and other search engines. We ensure that your web site reaches its target audience and potential customers, far and wide. We guarantee our clients of absolute confidentiality therefore have competing clients from the same industry using our services. In addition to Websites we also design corporate e-mailers and Electronic Direct mailers. Our in house services include image editing and photography.

Social Media Marketing

Even as the digital age faces a communication breakdown, thanks to information overload, where brands easily get lost, we at iZen are in the pursuit to find the essence and simplicity in a message that negates the cacophony around it. We imagine, create and manage your brand in the new digital world. We do so in a manner that ensures clarity in your key messaging which seamlessly reaches your target audience. We do not intellectualize your brands. We experience them. Discovering your brand in the now. Right here! Arriving at insights where communication simply flows. We approach brands beyond barriers. We are mindful of your brands. We observe, absorb and deliver.


Our expertise lies in translating scribble ideas into realistic and engaging concepts, where communication is clear and reaches its target audience. Observation is key to our business and we use this to the advantage of our clients by; keeping an eye on the significance of the project. Every project has its own set of demands and that is where we improvise concepts to synchronize it with what needs to be communicated. Be it a creative on Facebook or a brochure design, our concepts are an amalgamation of unique ideas matched with unparalleled execution.

Social Media Planning

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