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Social Media Marketing

Our Advantage

In a day and age where going social is easy, what is important is to remain socially relevant. That’s right, we are talking Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the works!! Depending on your brand/product/service, we create bespoke solutions that streamline the very core of your social media engagement, thus generating maximum results.

We monitor each and every post, contribute with the right content, filter material that simply needs to be ignored and most importantly guide you at every juncture of your social media presence. Your social media presence exists in tandem with your stakeholders; be it your customers both current and potential, employees or the public at large.


With our built-in analytic tools, we track the impact of each implemented campaign and thereby measure its success. Additionally, we are interested in developing your brand or company’s identity, visibility and credibility that is sustainable. Simply speaking, we are looking at building long lasting digital relationships by taking control of your online reputation. Most reputation lies in the conversations taking place.

The dialogue exchange between you and your stakeholders. This is where the influencers come into the picture. We strategize and reach out to the most apt influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers in order to propel brand value. While the scope for garnering mileage from social media keeps widening, at iZen we ensure to narrow down the social media experience into successful tangibles, all for you and your brands!